Shell Account

Important Note: this feature can be deactivated by your Tuleap site administrator and may therefore be unavailable in your organization.

If the Tuleap administrators have enabled this feature, each registered user receives its own Unix shell account on the Tuleap Shell Account server. You can access your Tuleap Shell Account in 2 ways:

  • SSH: the secured remote shell is the preferred way to connect to the Tuleap Shell Account server. SSH clients are available for all platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac) and allows a secure link with your personal directories. It also provides you with a number of other useful utilities like scp for remote file transfer. To access your account type the following command and use your Tuleap login and password to authenticate yourself:

    ssh -l loginname SYS_SHELL_HOST

Whether you use SSH, a welcome banner will be displayed right after you log in. This message tells you what are the directories you are allowed to access. Use the Unix “cd” command to change the current working directory. Once logged in and if you are a member of several projects you must specify for which project you are going to work in this shell session. To this end use the following command:

newgrp projectname

You can use this command as many time as you want during a shell session when you are about to do work for another one of your project.