If you are a tech enthusiast with the ability to self-install and maintain your instance, Tuleap Community Edition (TCE) is available and offer powerful capabilities for non-critical business process or development needs. If you need enterprise-class features, scalability and security and if you plan to use Tuleap in a production environment, you should consider Tuleap Enterprise Edition.

This document aims to help you install Tuleap Community Edition (TCE) on your server.

Multiple ways to install TCE are supported with their benefits and disadvantages.

  • Docker image
    • Quick and easy install

    • Let you test Tuleap

    • Not recommended for production environment (For now!)

  • Dedicated installation:
    • Common way to install your production environment

    • Fully adaptable to your needs

    • Installation can be tricky for linux beginners (but this guide will help you!)

  • Ansible installation:
    • Require an ansible client

    • Quick and easy install

    • Deploy and manage multiple servers at once

    • A first default setup is done with ansible