Document Manager modern interface (2019)


This module is part of Tuleap Enterprise. It might not be available on your installation of Tuleap.

The new interface of document manager provides a modern way to interact with document manager. This new interface has been designed for most common actions.

Drag and drop and multi upload

The major difference between both user interfaces, is that the new document manager now supports the drag and drop and multi upload.

In current folder

If you drop a document in the current folder, it will add it into the folder content

create a new file inside current folder

In a given folder

If you drop a document in a specific folder, it will add it inside

create a new file under a specific folder

Create a new version of a file

If you drop a document on an existing file, it will create a new version of the file

create a new version of a file

Actions on document

Quick Look

Each item of the new document manager now has a quick look button, it will enable you to see document metadata and actions you can do. If the document is an image or an embedded file, it will display a preview of the document.

preview of an embedded file

When accessing the quick look, use the friendly URL to share the link with your teammates.

Actions on document

All the actions are accessible through the quick look drop down.

actions on a document
The actions available are the following:
  • Create a new version for a document

  • Create a new folder or a new document for a folder

  • Update properties of your document

  • Access to the notifications, that means, do you want to be inform when a document or a folder is updated ?

  • History

  • Permissions (available for the project administrators)

  • Approval tables

  • Cut/Paste a document or a folder

  • Delete document or folder

  • Lock/Unlock a document

  • Download a folder as a zip archive

Download a folder as a zip archive

Screenshot of the "Download a folder as zip" dropdown menu item

Download as zip is available on all folders

You can download folders as a zip archive. Every sub-folder, file and embedded file in this folder will be downloaded as a zip archive. Embedded files are saved as HTML files. The zip archive is made of the last version of the files.

Please note that, even if the file is a .zip there is actually no compression of the files. The .zip is used to create an archive that can be downloaded but the server won’t compress the files within because it would be too heavy to manage for the Tuleap server.

Downloading a folder as a zip archive is subjected to size limitations that can be enforced by your site administrator. By default, users may not download folders with a size above 2 Gigabytes (GB).


If Tuleap encounters a problem while processing one of the files (the file is corrupted, not found, not readable or Tuleap has not enough memory), it will add a file named TULEAP_ERRORS.txt at the root of the zip archive. This file will list all files with issues that could not be downloaded. If it happens, please let your site administrator know.


For Mac OS X users, there is a special limitation: if the folder has a size above 4 Gigabytes (GB) or contains more than 64000 files, the native Mac OS archive extraction tool might not be able to open the archive. Tuleap will warn you if you encounter this case.

View the approval status

The new interface displays the approval table badge next to the document. You don’t have to get to the approval table anymore to have that information. In the tree view, a small coloured badge, depending on the status review, is displayed on documents having an approval table.

approval table status

Administration actions handled by the old interface

On this new interface, we chose to improve the most frequent actions.

Here are the administration actions still handled by the old interface:
  • Advanced and simple search

  • Notifications

  • History

  • Approval tables

When clicking on it, you will be redirected to the old interface.


New interface comes with new REST API routes. If you wish to use it, note that the following are not available (only on SOAP):
  • monitor document

  • search document

Switch from docman moder interface to the old one

Please note that each user can switch between the legacy and the new UI at any moment.