JetBrains IDE integration

Currently available data for an artifact are :

  • ID

  • Summary

  • Description

  • Creation date

  • Last update date

First, add a generic tracker server : Tools > Tasks & Contexts > Configure Servers … Then add a Generic tracker server. Set :

  • Server URL : Tuleap server (HTTPS Only)

  • Username : Your Tuleap username

  • Password : Your Tuleap password

  • Check Use HTTP authentication

Add server and general configuration

At this point, you cannot test your connection as JetBrains IDEs need a configured task list to test the connection.

On the Server Configuration page, indicates the following parameters :

Server Configuration

As displayed, there is a variable {trackerId}. You can set directly the selected tracker id on the URL or create a variable. Choose Manage Template Variables…

Add a trackerId variable

If you check Show on first tab, the selected field is displayed on General. Set the selected tracker id on the field.

Add a TrackerId field

On the Server Configuration page, you can choose the field id on the selectors :

  • The line singleTask-id refers to the id of the id field

  • The line singleTask-summary refers to the id of the summary field

  • The line singleTask-description refers to the id of the description field

  • The line singleTask-updated refers to the id of the last modification date field

  • The line singleTask-created refers to the id of the submission date field

On the selected tracker, the field id needed are on the administration part :

Where to find the field id

On the Server Configuration page, the right part of the table is a JSONPath expression. It uses selector and can be changed following your tracker structure. To find the field, use the REST API Explorer plugin. For instance, the query produces :

  "id": 1433,
  "uri": "artifacts/1433",
  "tracker": {
    "id": 149,
    "uri": "trackers/149"
  "project": {
    "id": 101,
    "uri": "projects/101"
  "submitted_by": 344,
  "submitted_on": "2012-09-18T11:24:49+02:00",
  "html_url": "/plugins/tracker/?aid=1433",
  "changesets_uri": "artifacts/1433/changesets",
  "values": null,
  "values_by_field": {
    "summary": {
      "field_id": 1280,
      "type": "string",
      "label": "Summary",
      "value": "Migrate an existing repo to Gerrit"
    "artifact_id": {
      "field_id": 1275,
      "type": "aid",
      "label": "Artifact ID",
      "value": 1433
    "description": {
      "field_id": 1281,
      "type": "text",
      "label": "Description",
      "value": "I can use a gerrit workflow while having an official […]",
      "format": "text"
  "last_modified_date": "2013-02-04T11:06:36+01:00"

With the previous parameters, the task is displayed :

Search a task

An issue may occur for using SNIExtension on the JVM. To fix it, add the flag -Djsse.enableSNIExtension=false on the .vmoptions files of your IDE.